9mm – 115 Grain FMJ – Wolf Performance – 1000 Rounds For Sale

Your 9mm may very well be the most important handgun you own in the likely event that it’s your everyday carry. That means you’ve got to train with it — the best pistol in the world isn’t worth its weight in scrap when it’s in incapable hands. But how do you get your much needed practice without going broke in the process?

You get this heap of cartridges by Wolf. These rounds are exceedingly economical owing to their steel casings — iron is far more available than the requisite metals for making brass. You can still look forward to smooth performance in a semi-automatic with these rounds’ polymer-coated casings, and their clean burning primers and propellant promote reliable cycling as well.

These rounds have 115 grain projectiles, nice and light to prevent muzzle flip and potentially uncomfortable recoil. Count on a Wolf bullet’s full metal jacket to keep your bore from becoming a leaden muddle over the course of a lengthy target session.


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