9mm – 115 Grain JHP – Winchester Silvertip – 200 Rounds For Sale

“The Power to Defend.” That is what Winchester designs every one of their Silvertip rounds to offer, and it’s what you will have with this 9mm round in your chamber. This cartridge’s 115 grain bullet features a lustrous jacket that not only prevents the accumulation of lead residue in the barrel, but is further engineered to promote dependable feeding in any semi-automatic firearm. The Silvertip bullet’s jacket is also notched, which promotes consistent expansion as its nose cavity spreads outward in a soft medium.

This cartridge delivers a 1,225 fps muzzle velocity, which is enough juice to give its 115 grain projectile 340 ft lbs of energy at 25 yards. That power coupled with the staggering effect of terminal expansion ought to prove adequate to halt your assailant very quickly. This cartridge also comes equipped with a brand new brass shell casing, intensely reliable Boxer primer, and charge of propellant that is formulated to burn cleanly.


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