Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 Ga, 26″ Barrel, 3″, Comfort Tech 3, Black, 3rd For Sale

The latest version of the Benelli Super Black Eagle is an absolute powerhouse. It has all the attributes that made the previous two models so successful and now includes several crucial innovations which make it supreme in the most unforgiving hunting conditions. The SBE 3 is a no-compromise, all-purpose, all-around workhorse of a shotgun. Choose either a Realtree® Max-5™ camo pattern or a black synthetic stock.

Here’s The All New SBE3 12 Ga 26″ Barrel 3″ Chamber Option (model 10322)!

Optimized for hunting, the SBE 3 now comes in a 12-gauge model that’s chambered for 3″ shells. It features recoil reduction features, plus hunt-enhancing performance features, and is engineered by the same team who brought you the world-famous Benelli Super Black Eagle.

They engineered the SBE 3 to deliver the best combination of shot pattern, felt recoil, and muzzle blast reduction in a semi-automatic shotgun. It has a full metal feed ramp and has a CNC-machined receiver from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Comfort Tech 3 & Combtech Technology

The first of its kind. It’s been 13 years since Comfort Tech came out and it is still the most efficient design possible. That’s why it’s the basis for the SBE 3 stock. The size and location of the chevrons on Comfort Tech 3 were improved and Benelli engineers have developed a new cheek comb pad, Combtech, which reduces facial impact and vibrations.

This is the most comfortable shotgun you’ll ever own. It’s got all the features of the SBE 3, plus a fully adjustable comb and a new cheek comb pad, Combtech.

Benelli Inertia-Driven System

The Inertia-Driven System is the hallmark of Benelli’s strength and reliability. It requires no adjustments, cycles consistently in conditions that border on the unfair, and easily handles field loads as well as 3-1/2″ magnum loads. Gas systems are notorious for becoming fouled up when handling heavy loads after long periods of use. Not so with our shotguns, which will cycle reliably and continue to function without flaw after firing 500,000+ rounds.

Safety & Oversized Bolt Knob

The oversized bolt handle and safety, along with the angled drop lever on the SBE3, make it easier to operate, even with gloved hands.

Crio System Technology by Benelli

When the steel cools to -300 degrees Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit), it goes through a process called “cryogenic treatment.” This process causes the molecules in the steel to realign themselves into a much tighter pattern. This makes the barrel smoother and easier to shoot. Since there are no hard spots or uneven areas, it delivers a superior pattern and keeps the bore clean longer.

Easy Locking Bolt Technology

A true shotgun hunter must be able to use many loads from light to heavy. The SBE 3 features a patent-pending locking mechanism that works with every type of load, from light to heavy.

Loading System Simplified

The new Super Black Eagle 3 has several features incorporated into its design to make it the perfect choice for a wide range of hunters. Incorporating a beveled loading port with grooves helps you guide shells toward the magazine, and the redesigned carrier and carrier latch make shell insertion effortless.

Specifications Benelli #10322
Stock Finish Black Synthetic
Receiver Finish Anodized, Black
Barrel Finish Matte, Black
Gauge 12 Ga 2 3/4″, 3″
Barrel Length 26″
Grip Standard
Stock Configuration Comfort Tech 3
Size Standard
Hand Dominance Right Handed
Chokes Crio – C, IM, F
Extended Choke Crio – IC, M
Chambered For 2-3/4″, 3″
Min. Recommended Load 3-dram, 1-1/8-oz. loads
Magazine Capacity 3+1
Sight Red-bar front
Action Semi-auto
Drilled & Tapped No
Length of Pull 14-3/8″
Drop at Heel 2-1/8″
Drop at Comb 1-3/8″
Overall Length 49.5″
 Avg. Weight 6.9 lbs


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