Bought 2 pistols

Excellent service, everything as promised and shipped quickly. Very pleased using


Will use again, so easy took the hassle out of it. Within 4 days of placing my order I was holding my new pistol. They did everything, it went perfectly smoothly, and it arrived at my FFL extremely fast.


Very smooth transaction

I buy the majority of my guns from another major online retailer but when looking for a certain Springfield it couldn’t be found. I kept seeing in my Google search and decided to try them since they said it was in stock. It was a smooth experience with very fast shipping. My transfer dealer was not in the preferred list but they said they would take care of it and they did, fast. I will absolutely be using them in the future. Thank you.

Mark S.

Great customer service

I am very happy to find a place where buying a firearm online is not only painless but professional. Great communication and very quick to respond to any questions or issues. 

Thank you, I'm a customer for life. 🙂


first time buyer at

I always wanted to own a sig sauer 551 A1 and luckily It came to be on the list in There were no actual pictures of the item, but only listed as New old stock and a picture of the model of the gun, and with a reasonable price a lot cheaper than what is offered on other sites. I crossed my fingers, took the risk and hoped for the best. Transaction was easy and delivery was quick. Today I received it from my FFL and was very happy with the purchase, even the guy checking out the item could not help but appreciate the beauty of this gun. Thank you very much !

Harry S.

Return rip off

I ordered two guns for my husband on my account, which were delivered to a local pawn shop. When we got there, we were told that only I could do the background check, because my last name is different from his. For medical reasons, I cannot pass a background check unless I lie, which I won’t do. I called and explained what happened but they could not provide documentation that these were for the other person, so we had them returned. I was charged $240.60 as a restocking fee. And the magazines I purchased to go with the purchase (another $84) are unreturnable. Beware of this when you buy from this site. I definitely never will again. P.S. found the same guns locally for $200+ less for each!

Adele D.

Excellent customer service, excellent description..

I purchased a lionheart lh9 which came better than described to be honest. The FFL who received it for me locally said "I thought it was supposed to be used" which was nice to hear over the phone on my way to pick it up. One thing better than the pistol is something even harder to find and that is customer service in firearms sales or service. At 50 years old and buying guns since the 80s the vast majority around 99% of individuals who work at gun shops/stores for some reason all come across as if they were raised in the same household. They act as if they developed 

gunpowder, the mauser rifle action, the polio vaccine and were first on the beach at Normandy. I'm sure many of you can relate, it doesn't matter if they are a new hire at 21 or 65 in their last week, they seem to know it all and we as customers are still learning our ABC's. Thankfully that did not happen with the individuals I had the pleasure of dealing with at I spoke with three men who all took extra time to listen to my concerns and my excess rambling. Unfortunately I only thought to ask for the name of one who happened to be Randy if I remember correctly. I did not catch a last name but he deserves a bonus for putting up with me and my 1000 questions over the phone. I keep comparing in my mind the last place I had dealt with online about two months ago and how I was scolded like a child for wanting to confirm something they had written. Needless to say the competitor will not hear from me again but will. Thanks again and God bless you all.

Todd R.

Mossberg 800A

I purchased 2 Remington 788's, 243 & 308, and I am very happy with those rifles. The 308 is my favorite. These were listed as very good. They could have been excellent. Neither was shot much from the look of the bore. The Mossberg 800A I recently bought was listed as excellent. When I received the rifle, I was disappointed. It was the dirtiest rifle I have seen in a long time. With the way it looked, I maybe would have given it a good rating, maybe. I took it home and went through it before leaving a review. After completely tearing it down to just pieces and cleaning everything, it turned out to be a very good condition gun, not excellent. I will have to replace the feed plate as one of the tabs is broken off. It still works, but you have to be careful not to turn it upside down. The plate may fall out. I have shot it and it shoots nice and is very accurate. The bore is in very good condition. The wood polished up nicely. I am happy with the rifle. That is why I gave it five stars. I am glad I cleaned it up first. I have dealt with a few times now and I have always had good communication from them. It took some cleaning, but I have a nice Mossberg for my collection now. Thanks for bringing these older guns out for people like me who would rather buy a good used one rather than a new one. I will keep checking back for more.

Steve Y.